*Tumbleweed blows past*

Testing, testing, one two three.

I have to admit I’ve been a little remiss lately about updating my blog. It’s not because I’ve had nothing going on to tell you about – quite the opposite in fact.

For starters, I’ve been writing a couple of short stories for anthologies due out next year. The first is Grimdark Magazine’s Evil is a Matter of Perspective. My story features Mazana Creed. It is set a few years before the events in Dragon Hunters, and Mazana has been tasked with hunting down a notorious pirate in order to win a place on the Storm Council. But being Mazana, she is obviously going to do things her way.

The second is Ragnarok Publications’ Hath No Fury. I’m still in the process of writing this story. It will feature Jenna Amary from When the Heavens Fall, but is has been causing me a little trouble. In part this is because I can’t reveal too much of Jenna’s background – that is being saved for a later book in the Chronicles of the Exile series. But things are slowly coming together.

In terms of what else has been keeping me busy, there’s the small matter of the publication of Red Tide later this month (the 20th). I’ll be doing a blog tour, and I have written a few articles in readiness. I’ve also produced some “quosters” (or quote posters). Here is an example, which gives a not-too-subtle clue about one of the returning characters.




I’m delighted with how the book has been received thus far. Kirkus gave it a starred review, and you can see what they said here.

And did I mention that the book it available for pre-order? No? Of course, I would never stoop so low as to actually ask you to buy it NOW. Though if you were minded to do so, I guess there’s nothing I can do to stop you ordering it here or here.

Finally, I’ve been asked how much of books one and two you need to remember going into Red Tide. It follows on directly from the events in Dragons Hunters, but since that book only came out in February, I’m assuming you won’t have forgotten its main points – though you may want to check out again Kempis’s section in chapter 11. As for When the Heavens Fall, the following parts are worth re-reading:

Hope you enjoy Red Tide.