First, a bit of fun.


I’m a fan of quote posters or “quosters”. I produced four for When the Heavens Fall and a further eight for Dragon Hunters, some of which you can see here. I have another eight to reveal in the days around Red Tide’s publication on 20th September, which you will LOVE. (I’ve put that in capitals, so it must be true.)

I’m busy on the self-promotion trail at present, because the next couple of weeks are important for me. Red Tide is my third book, and I’m keen for it to do well. Unsurprisingly. Since becoming a writer, I’ve met some wonderful people (both in person and “virtually”), and I am hugely grateful to them for helping to spread the word about my series. But sometimes people ask me whether there is anything else they can do to help my writing career, and I’ve never had an answer before – short of encouraging them to buy my books.

Then I stumbled across an old blog post by Myke Cole, author of the Shadow Ops series. He did have an answer, and I thought I would summarise his observations below. In a nutshell, the first-week sales of a novel are CRITICAL in determining how much a publisher spends on marketing, and ultimately (perhaps) whether it gives an author a new contract. So:

Hope you enjoy Red Tide. It’s my favourite book of the series so far.