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It’s been a long time coming, but the video trailer for When the Heavens Fall is finally up on the Tor/Forge blog, together with an article on how the trailer was put together. Feel free to take a look here.

Tor is currently running a Goodreads Sweepstake on the book. You can enter for a chance to win here.

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I read an article a few months ago suggesting the e-book revolution was on its last legs. Sales of e-books and e-readers are apparently slowing, while traditional paper-based books are enjoying a surge in popularity. I’m one of those people who only ever buys paper books, and who never gets rid of them even after I’ve read them. Just ask my long-suffering parents, whose bookshelves at my childhood home are still full of books I read as a teen and will probably never read again.

Will I ever be converted to e-books? It’s difficult to imagine, but it might depend on what innovations publishers add to them. I went to a panel at a convention last year on the future of publishing, and I heard talk of publishers possibly adding interactive maps so readers could follow a character’s progress during the course of the story. That sounds interesting, but it wouldn’t in itself be enough to draw me away from paper books.

Adding music, though… That would be another matter entirely. Every film and computer game has a score these days, and the best ones can really add to the experience. I’ve been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition recently. For me, the most enjoyable aspect of the game is the dragon fights. You see the creature in the distance, toppling ruins or snapping tree trunks with a flick of its tail. Then as you take a breath and charge, one of Trevor Morris’s epic songs fades in. Magic.

Now imagine if the same thing happened when you sat down to read The Lord of the Rings. Imagine Howard Shore’s score playing as the Rohirrim ride to the attack, or as the Battle of the Five Armies gets underway. That’s going to fire the blood, isn’t it? I couldn’t imagine a film or a computer game without a good score, so surely music has the potential to lift a book in the same way? And of course if you didn’t like the music, you could just turn it off.

Having said all that, adding a score to an e-book would present unique challenges. For films and games, it’s easy to marry up the music with the action, but with books it wouldn’t be so easy. What happens, for example, if a battle starts halfway down a page? People read at different speeds, so how would the e-reader know when to begin the music? And what if there were a shift in mood, such as humour suddenly turning to heartbreak, or vice versa? You could end up with some unwanted comical effects as the hero dies tragically while some jaunty melody skips along in the background.

Then there’s the question of price. I don’t know how much an original soundtrack costs to compose and produce, but I’m guessing it runs into thousands, if not tens of thousands. Few authors could justify that sort of expense. A lot of authors probably don’t even make that on a book. For the likes of George RR Martin and JK Rowling, though, maybe it’s something publishers will look to in the future. If it happens, I’ll be giving e-books a try.

Until then, it’s paper books for me.

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Since this is my first blog post, I spent a while trying to think of something witty and profound to say, before remembering I’m incapable of anything of the sort. So instead I thought I’d tell you about some things that are going to be happening on the book front soon, and why you should (ahem) take the opportunity to check back here as often as possible.

First off, the UK cover of When the Heavens Fall has been revealed at SciFiNow, and Titan has really hit the ball out of the park on this one. You can see it in all its glory here.

Secondly, there’s going to be a video trailer for the book available shortly. I promise you it’s worth a look when it comes out.

Thirdly, I’ve got a short story being published at, though the date has yet to be confirmed. It should also be available as an audio file. Here’s the introduction:

With When the Heavens Fall set for release in May, author Marc Turner sets the stage for his epic fantasy debut in ‘There’s a Devil Watching Over You,’ a short story set in the turbulent world of the novel.

Safiya and her fellow bandits thought they had found an easy mark, but they quickly learned that they picked the worst possible victim. Now Luker Essendar, one of the warrior Guardians of Erin Elal, is after them, and his relentless pursuit is driving the bandits toward an abandoned fort – one that appears strewn with evidence of a terrible battle. But nothing is exactly as it seems…”

Finally, I thought I’d end on a piece of good news. When the Heavens Fall received a starred review from Kirkus. Amongst other nice things, they said, “The characters, whose personalities drive the narrative as much as the clash of magics, battle through page after relentless page of grim, desperate, surprising, and often enthralling action. Equally satisfying, the ending wraps things up without annoying and taunting cliffhangers. A splendid launch. Turner's unquestionably a newcomer to watch.” You can read the whole review here.

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